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The Unicorn School

The Unicorn School

A Specialist School supporting pupils with dyslexia and related learning difficulties

School Staff

Senior Management Team

Andrew Day

Vita Parvin
Deputy Head Teacher

Fiona Campbell

Elizabeth Carter Shaw

Alison Jarratt

To find out more about our Senior Management Team, follow this link


School Office  
Diane Kenyon Office Manager / Clerk to the Governors
Elizabeth Carter Shaw Registrar
Susannah Hill Assistant Registrar


Class Teachers  

Lucinda Bettridge

Georgina Eastwood

Elm Years 2&3
Caroline Wilson Ash Year 4         
Lucinda Allison Cedar Year 5
Alex de Jong Willow Year 6
Madeline Kerr Beech Year 7
David Tapley Redwood Year 8
Ann-Marie Martin Maple Year 9
Claire Woodcock Sycamore Year 10
Vita Parvin Aspen Year 11
Subject Teachers  


Susan Cripps Head of Science
Claire Woodcock Head of Maths
Ruth Johnson Music and Art
Sallie Greenhalgh Science
Fiona Campbell English
Cat Turlier French
Laurence Williams Music


One to One Teachers  
Fiona Campbell SENCo
Clare Roberts Outreach Co-ordinator,
Specialist Assessor
Clare Carlini
Dee Chappelle
Rachel Davies
Helen Day
Natasha Fuller
Ruth Johnson
Sarah Jones
Vivien Little
Caroline McIntyre
Katherine Parry
Kathryn Pearson
Zoya Taylor
Alex Trevelyan
Emma Watters
Emily Whalley
Janine Wooldridge


Teaching Assistants  
Melanie John  
Kate Lowe  
Louise Yardley  


Maren Heuffmann Occupational Therapist
Georgina Wilmott Speech and Language Therapist
Susannah Hill Emotional Literacy Support


Designated Officers  
Andrew Day
Annie McNeile
Child Protection
Andrew Day Health & Safety

Lucinda Allison

Dee Chappelle

Susannah Hill

Julian Puffit

Louise Yardley

Kate Lowe

Designated First Aiders


Ancillary Staff  
Julian Puffitt Caretaker
Tracey Lee Minibus Driver and Lunchtime Helper


Board of Governors  
Mark Chambers Chair of Governors
Andrew Strivens  
Natalie-Jane MacDonald  
Annie McNeile  
Sophie Langdale  
Robin Askew  
David Anderson  
Diane Kenyon Clerk to the Governors
School Governors Page  



To find out more about our teaching qualifications, follow this link