About Us

In 2008 The Unicorn moved to beautiful new premises. Over the years we have nurtured the development of hundreds of children and many keep in touch and tell us of their great achievements.

We measure our success by the children’s positive feedback and the excellent testimonials received from their parents. We have also had some excellent Ofsted and CReSteD reports; in February 2012 Ofsted stated that “The Unicorn Provides an outstanding quality of education which fully meets its stated aim.”

We believe our approach is the correct approach to bring results. Multi-sensory “hands-on” teaching, in very small classes, encourages our children to use all their senses to learn and makes learning fun along the way.

All the members of the school community – pupils, teachers, parents and governors – provide support for one another. The family atmosphere enables the children to overcome their difficulties and explore their many talents. They are encouraged to express themselves confidently and take an active role in decision making within the school.

When a child joins the Unicorn, the very first areas to be tackled are self-esteem and motivation. In addition, the child’s own one-to-one tutor fulfils a considerable pastoral role providing intensive teaching according to their need but also extra encouragement and understanding.

Every effort is made to help each child develop his or her own intellectual potential by creating an atmosphere that is purposeful, disciplined and constructive.